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Welcome here at artismyprayer´s home ! 


Nice to meet you here!

 - Please discover my way to pray - and let the whole world behind you!

My hope is to make you all "re-find" the great delight in the daily live.

Here at artismyprayer you may find exclusive, unique artworks of high quality, for every single piece is handmade by myself. So, you can also order some individual pieces - describe, what you have in mind, and I will do my best!


- Oil painting

- Aquarell

- Drawings (also as illustration of books)

- Sculptures


Easily you may find here your next favourite piece of art by the first sight.

Or just have a look around in this impressions and have fun skiping through these colourful images...

So, now, please enjoy this site with the next pictures - and keep a smile in your heart from here...!

I wish you a delightful look forward and around here!